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Sustainability of Alberta's 'Land Stewardship Fund'

Understanding the State and Potential Future of a Critical Conservation Tool


Land Use and Biodiversity


fiscal and finance, Government of Alberta, policy analysis, private land conservation, research and recommendations


Project Summary

Though most Albertans are not aware of it, they have an extraordinary tool to support the conservation of biodiversity on private lands – the Land Stewardship Fund. Since 2010, the Land Stewardship Fund (LSF) has provided over $100,000,000 in grants to help conserve ecologically-important private lands across the province. No other province in Canada has a program anything like it.

While this is a robust tool, its trendline is currently not sustainable in terms of its drawdown rate versus its inconsistent and limited infusion rate. The Corvus Centre undertook two analyses, first examining the actual rate of disbursement and renewal, then exploring other jurisdictions and Alberta precedents in order to develop pragmatic recommendations for the Fund’s ongoing health.


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