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Restructuring Saskatchewans Watershed Group Collaborative

Facilitation of Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds Restructuring Discussions


Land Use and Biodiversity


watershed groups, facilitation, organizational management, NGOs, research and recommendations, workshop, policy analysis, governance


Project Summary

The Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds (SAW) and its member Watershed Stewardship Groups faced the need to fundamentally restructure their organization, including evolving their mandate, fundraising model, collaboration model, and engagement with the Government of Saskatchewan.

As part of this larger effort, there was a need for facilitated discussions to get the members to a point of shared understanding of the issues, to engage in discussion around possible solutions, and ultimately to restructure the collaborative.

The Corvus Centre was asked to facilitate two day-and-a-half, in-person workshops of the entire membership. At 1:00pm on the second day of the second workshop, the group voted to undertake a full-scale revisioning of both their individual organizations and the umbrella Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds.


Downloads and Resources

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