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Rebuilding Wetland Function in Flagstaff County

Wetland Replacement Program Development Support


Land Use and Biodiversity

Natural Infrastructure


water and wetlands, local government, provincial government, research and recommendations, policy analysis


Project Summary

When developing a wetland replacement program, the primary questions a municipality faces are: ‘Which wetlands?’, and, ‘Which landowners?’ Most aspects of program design come under the auspices of answering one of those two questions. Having answered these questions allows a municipality to participate in the Government of Alberta’s Wetland Replacement Program (WRP), which will then provide funding for individual wetland replacement projects.

The Corvus Centre worked with Fiera Biological Consulting to help get Flagstaff County ready to engage in the WRP. The County is working to create a comprehensive wetland restoration program that will position them to restore wetlands on an on-going basis. To date this has included a creating a data-based picture of wetland restoration opportunities in the County, convening with other WRP participants to garner the lessons learned in program development.


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