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Improving Conservation Policy for Parkland Countys ESAs

Research, Facilitation and Recommendations to Help Move from ‘Identification’ to ‘Conservation’


Land Use and Biodiversity

Natural Infrastructure

Finance and Biodiversity


local government, facilitation, planning, environmentally significant areas, conservation tools, policy analysis, research and recommendations


Project Summary

Parkland County has a wealth of environmentally-significant areas, and the County government is well-recognized for the work it has undertaken to maintain the ecological health of these features. However, the term ‘environmentally-significant area’ can lead to a policy vagueness that may confound pragmatic restoration and protection strategies.

The Corvus Centre worked to help Parkland County move from ‘identification’ of ESAs to ‘protection’ by convening two workshops with Council to discuss a new way of approaching decision-making, and helping to draft a coordinating framework for the conservation of nature and ESAs in the County.


Downloads and Resources

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