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Enhancing Regional Land Trust Collaboration in Alberta

Facilitating Collaboration and a Unified Voice Amongst Alberta’s Regional and Local Land Trusts


Land Use and Biodiversity


private land conservation, facilitation, organizational management, policy analysis, NGOs


Project Summary

Alberta’s land trusts and conservancies that that each focus on a portion of the province have collectively conserved over 60,000 acres of the hardest-to-protect lands in the province. Ultra-trim staffing means there is little time to focus on the ‘important but not urgent’ issues before they become urgent, and to do so as a sector.

Since 2021, the Corvus Centre has been facilitating the group, now known as the Regional Land Trusts of Alberta, helping them to identify and co-operatively address emerging issues, share cross-sector practices, and engage at the provincial and national levels of the private land conservation sector.


Downloads and Resources

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