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Conservation Easements and Real Estate

10 Things a Real Estate Agent Should Know


Land Use and Biodiversity

Finance and Biodiversity


conservation easements, real property, private land conservation, knowledge mobilization, fact sheets


Project Summary

Every day, a landowner talks to a land trust about conserving their property. Unlike public land conservation, private land conservation is grounded on market-based real property transactions, which means real estate agents are usually involved. In the last 20 years, land trusts have worked with private landowners to conserve over 500,000 acres in Alberta, with conservation easements being one of the key tools. Yet most real estate agents have never heard of a conservation easement.

The Corvus Centre created a simple brochure explicitly directed at real estate agents that includes ten fundamental things that real estate agents should know about conservation easements in order to best serve their clients’ needs.


Downloads and Resources

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