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The Corvus Centre for Conservation Policy is a not-for-profit, charitable organization
whose vision is that public policy actively supports nature and biodiversity

Our work involves:

supporting decision makers working on behalf of nature 


creating, gathering, and disseminating the science and information needed to improve conservation policy


designing and evaluating conservation policy


facilitating the pragmatic application of research into the policy process

The Corvus Centre's work focuses on four Conservation Themes

How we approach the conservation policy challenge

The Corvus Centre for Conservation Policy pursues its mission by undertaking work on a project-by-project basis. While each project ties to the Conservation Themes, it takes one of the following three approaches: 

Applied and Applying Research 

  • Projects that focus on undertaking applied research or on actively incorporating science and evidence into decision making in support of biodiversity 


Program Facilitation 

  • Projects that focus on providing capacity, training, or expertise, or otherwise improving the ability of decision makers to deliver programs in support of biodiversity 


Knowledge Mobilization 

  • Actively informing and catalyzing the policy discussion around biodiversity conservation, working to both create background knowledge and to foster the dissemination of information and ideas. 

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